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SOI (System Of Intelegent Learning)


 Assesment: Find out your child's learning style & weakness

Analysis: Indicate what areas need imporvement, and provide insight into dominant learning styles.

 Training: Receive a comprehensive, individualized program based on your child child

What is whole Brain Tutoring?

Whole Brain Tutoring is a tutoring system designed to maximize the student engagement using a multi-sensory system stimulating both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. By using sound, movement, and kinesthetic activities we can heighten the learning experience and increase the amount of retention of any given subject. Whole Brain Tutoring methods build upon each lesson in small increments moving from a tangible concrete concept to an abstract concept while following the child's pace. It's important not to overwhelm the student but to excite and inspire the child's love for learning.





 whole Brain Reading Programs

*Dyslexia & other delayed reading

*Reading Comprehention Program

* Summer Book Club



In our reading program we employ a simultaneous, direct, multi-sensory approach using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile methods to stimulate both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.  Dyslexic students and other reading delayed students are predominately right-brain learners so stimulating more kinesthetic and tactile movements in the reading program allows the learning connections to strengthen between each unique session. We practice the well-known "Orton-Gillingham Reading Program" in our curriculum promoting a high level of structure and repetition (left-brain) while using fun, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activity (right-brain) in every lesson.  It is a whole-brain,  phonetically based program of reading and spelling to unlock your child's reading potential.


Our "Whole Brain Reading Program" starts with a basic evaluation to design a lesson plan specifically suited to your child's needs and level. Once we have a baseline established, we schedule 2 lessons a week (50 minutes each).  We periodically evaluate your child and graph the progress he/she has made. We are happy to work alongside your child's teacher when requested to assure your child will be reading at or above grade level.

Please feel free to contact us for a complimentary evaluation to see if our "Whole Brain Reading Program" is a match for your child

Reading evaluation $75

Weekly sessions rates: 1x $45/hr  or  2x $40/hr



Our Reading Comprehension & Writing Program is a once a week program that follows the Common Core / RACE writing strategy program. There is tthree  parts to every session. The first half the child reads a short passage that progressively gets harder as he/she continues to read. The student then reads a few short questions and answers them with the teacher to evaluate how much the student understood what he/ she read.

The Second part is the writing.  The student with answer a questions and write the response using the R.A.C.E. writing program.  R.A.C.E. is an acronym for a simple writing strategy that helps students construct more thoughtful and thorough responses.  The first R is to RESTATE the questions, than A to ANSWER the question, then C is for CITE the the evidence in the passage, and last E is for them to EXPLAIN how their evidence supports their answer. By the end of the this program your student will have strengthen his/her reading comprehension skills and will have mastered the R.A.C.E writing program.

The Third part is more advance reading from a chapter book based on thier reading level. The student will read to the tutor and she will ask him questions as he reads sometimes at the end of a chapter and sometime in the middle of his/ her reading


Summer Book Club Program:

Our book club students are reading the book " No Talking" by Andrew Clements. We are reading 20-40 pages a week. The students will be doing arts and crafts, creating a customer workbook tohelp them with reading comprehension, vocabulary, summarizing skills, and understanding the authors purpose. Teacher led group discussions about the book that will create a educational dialog while having fun. The students walk away with a better love and understanding of reading. Perfect program for those students who may not love reading. Space is limited to 8 students only, To sign up go to:




What is whole Brain  Math?

Whole Brain Tutoring is an approach designed toward maximizing student engagement, using movement, kinesthetic activities, and sequencing activities that build upon each other to take the child from a tangible concrete concept to an abstract one, the right to left brain processing known as the Whole Brain Teaching method.


Arithmetic operations are the foundation to learning math, so it's critical that kids master math facts. In a large majority of children who find math difficult it is simply a matter of how the child processes information. Researchers have found that 80% of struggling learners are right-brain dominant, and most curriculum / learning settings are oriented toward the left-brain oriented individual.


Math facts often come naturally for children who tend to be more left-brain dominant; the side that deals with logic, analysis, and linear thought. Conversely, right-brain dominant children need a holistic, visual, and kinesthetic style of math. We use different learning tools with Whole Brain Math that are science based for right-brain learners.  Using doodle art that has proven to significantly improve focus, concentration and memory while learning factual (left-brain material) we also use right-brain based flash card to help increase retention with math facts. They are a fun, humorous way for the right-brain individual to quickly memorize math facts.

Multiplication facts are building blocks for mathematics.  A student who has not memorized the basic multiplication facts has difficulty achieving success in almost all areas of mathematics. Knowing the multiplication facts is a necessary skill that must be mastered by 4th grade.


Traditionally, students have been told to memorize the basic facts, yet they are not taught to HOW to memorize if they are visual, right-brain students. For years teachers have relied on rote memory. We use right brain technique that uses visual aids, movement, and humor that accelerates the memorization of math facts in just matter of weeks! The teaching method we use is the Memorize in Minutes by Alan Walker.

The children will be creating unique, visual picture cards, along side a workbook that they will be taking home at the end of the session for further practice.

Example of one of our lessones:






Memorizing Math Facts  program


Memorizing Math Facts in 4 weeks

Tuesdays & Wednesdays


At the Redondo Beach Library






Common Core Math Homework Club

Coming this in the Fall of 2018

Proud to be a

SOI (System Of Intelegent Learning)


 Assesment: Find out your child's learning style & weakness

Analysis: Indicate what areas need imporvement, and provide insight into dominant learning styles.

 Training: Receive a comprehensive, individualized program based on your child  results

Want your child tested? Contact me at:

info@wholebraintutoring.com or call/ text at 310-367-9491

Tutoring Rates

 General Tutoring Rates

Private sessions $35/hr

 Semi-private sessions 2-3 students $30/hr

SOI Testing & Training Rates:


SOI Test & Consultation  $180



  SOI Test & Consultation $280


Custom Workbook $85

Training sessions $35/hr


Whole Brain Reading (Dyslexia) Private Tutoring Sessions

 I will  meet one-on-one  with your child,  two times a week. I use the Orton-Gillingham

multi-sensory lesson plans and assessments to help dyslexic and struggling readers.

Specialized Reading Tutoring prices are $45/hr




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About Me

My name is Jackie Brann, I am a wife and mother of 3 kids. I am a trained Montessori Teacher, Pre-Primary through 6th grade. As a Montessori teacher every lesson is created to incorporate both the left and right brain, giving the students a whole brain learning experience. I loved working with the children and watching them go from a concrete lesson to abstract concepts. However, over the years I saw a few of my students struggle with reading and writing. I experienced the whole brain approach that is incorporated in the Montessori curriculum guide them easily through the reading program with little frustration.


After 15 years of teaching I made the decision to stay home with my 3 kids to be active in their school and activities.  In my heart I couldn't fully let go of my love for teaching so I continued my education and got my Orton-Gillingham Certification as a reading specialist to help those with dyslexia.  Now I do after school, and online tutoring, helping those who have difficulty reading due to dyslexia or other delayed reading issues anywhere in the country. I am blessed to have been able to fulfill my passion for teaching while still being a stay at home mom.



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